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Winter whale safari from Tromsø

Arctic Whale Tours offers you the ultimate winter adventure! On our tours we will take you on a journey through the fjords around Tromsø to bring you close to the whales that gather there to feed during the winter months. 

In late fall, the herring migrates into the fjords to overwinter in the region. The high concentration of fish attracts a variety of whale species that gather here to feed. This gives us an excellent opportunity to observe killer whales, humpback whales and fin whales in full activity.

You will always be accompanied by an experienced naturalist guide with first-hand knowledge of the whales and the nature of the area. Complimentary coffee and tea are available throughout the trip for you to enjoy the boat ride and magnificent landscapes while sharing your thoughts about the experience of the safari with our friendly guides. On the way back from the whales to the city, we also serve fish and vegetable soup. 


Sighting Success

Last years, whales have been observed in the fjords around Tromsø area almost every day from November until the end of January. Since the whales follow the shoals of herring through the fjords, it is possible that they can travel long distances every day. Because of this, we cannot guarantee the sighting of whales on all of our trips. However, our experienced crew will do its’ best to ensure that your trip will be an unforgettable experience.

Location: Tromsø (Please note that our summer safari destination Stø is seven hours from Tromsø)

Season: 1 November – 31 January

Departure time and Dates: Every day at 9:00, meet by our boat Blasius II 45 minutes earlier

Point of Departure: The pier next to Clarion Collection Hotel With (Sjøgata 35-37) in Tromsø main harbor.

Duration: Approximately 4 - 6 hours (The safaris can sometimes be longer or shorter depending on the location of the whales)

Number of Passengers: Maximum 65

We reserve the right to change or cancel departures due to weather conditions or passenger demand

Mother orca and a calf, whale safari from Stø, Vesterålen, Norway. Photo: Fredrik Broms

There are many whale safaris in Tromsø to choose from. Read more about reasons to choose us for your whale watching tour. 

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