Winter whale watching in Tromsø, Northern Norway

5 reasons to go whale watching with Arctic Whale Tours in Tromsø.

Winter whale watching in Tromsø, Northern Norway

1. Lots of action, lots of whales

When the Atlantic herring (Clupaeus harengus) arrive in the fjords north of Tromsø, so do the killer whales, or orcas, (Orcinus orca) and humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae). You can witness humpback whales lunge feeding, orcas gathering herring into bait balls, watch fishing boats haul in their catches and marvel the raw beauty of the landscape.

2. Fast travel time, more time with whales

Our boat MS Sylvkallen, a 17-metre-speed boat, takes us quickly and comfortably from Tromsø to the whales. No need for land-based transfers, and you will be back in Tromsø early enough to join evening tours in Tromsø and surrounds. The boat has been recently refurbished, offers comfortable and warm indoor lounges, and a spacious deck for whale watching.

3. Responsible whale watching with whale guarantee

We pride ourselves in responsible whale watching, and operate in accordance with international whale watching guidelines, and do not approach closer than 50-100 metres. If the situation requires, we stay further away. For us, the whales come first and we want to give them the space and respect they deserve and require. Nice, relaxed close encounters happen when the whales do not feel threatened. In the rare case that we do not see any cetacean (whale, dolphin or porpoise) species, you get another whale safari free of charge (terms and conditions on our website).

4. Small business, big heart

We are a privately owned, small business with a huge passion for what we do. We want our customers to have an unforgettable, safe and inspirational day out at sea. Every trip is just as special for us, and every trip is different, its own little adventure. Our crew have many years of experience in whale watching and seafaring, and are at their happiest out at sea.

We collaborate with research organisations such as the Norwegian Orca Survey, collect data for them and share information.

5. City life close to nature and wildlife

Tromsø is a lively small city with great transport connections, and the best of all, nature and wildlife are never far away! With us, you can get out to the whales in about 2 hours from Tromsø, spend the daylight hours watching whales, and be back in Tromsø in the afternoon, ready for the evening and northern lights!