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Welcome to Arctic Whale Tours!

Our website is under maintenance. More information will be published in the coming weeks. 

Sperm whale on a whale safari from Stø, Vesterålen, Norway

With whale guarantee!

A full day tour. Sperm whale watching combined with bird and seal watching. 

Sperm whale, whale safari from Stø, Vesterålen, Norway. Photo: Camilla Ilmoni

In order to minimize our impact on whales, we follow whale watching guidelines established in close collaboration with WDCS.

Killer whale, seen on whale watching tour from Stø, Vesterålen, Norway. Photo: Fredrik Broms

In our online album in Picasa, you'll find photos from every safari we have done since summer 2011.

Killer whale (orca) seen on whale safari from Stø, Vesterålen, Norway.

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