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Summer whale watching in Stø, Vesterålen

The fishing village Stø

At 68° north, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, you find Stø, a small but living traditional long-line fishing village. Stø, with its 200 inhabitants, is situated in Øksnes municipality (Nordland County). The municipality has a population of about 4500 people, of which 2800 live in Myre, the administration centre. The closest bigger town is Sortland, which is situated 50 kilometres south of Stø. Please note that the closest grocery stores are in Myre.

From May to August, Stø is swarming with life due to yearly Greenland halibut fisheries. Anda Lighthouse, five kilometres northwest of Stø, is the home of one of the largest puffing colonies in Northern Norway. For the hikers out there, Dronningruta offers a rewarding hike with breathtaking views.

Arctic Whale Tours reception is located in a big, red building with paintings of whales on the pier in the middle of the harbour. You can't miss us!

We warmly welcome you to come experience this unique place with us!

Summer whale watching in Andenes, Vesterålen 

Andenes - Fishing Village

At 69°North, the charming village of Andenes is located in the northernmost tip of the island of Andøya. Andenes has been a thriving fishing village since the Iron Age, and later on in early 1900s it was one of the largest fish exporters. Andenes is the place where whale watching started in Norway 1988. After a surprising discovery of two Swedish men: here they were met by big sperm whales. Andenes has the shortest distance in Europe from  the  shore to the edge of the continental shelf, a.k.a deep sea, just 7 nautical miles (approx.12km) and its deep underwater canyon called Bleik Canyon, with its ecosystem is a perfect feeding ground  for the whales. Andenes has became famous, because here it's possible to observe, and go whale watching all year around.

Where to find us: Arctic Whale Tours reception is located near a big, red harbour/warehouse building with Arctic Whale Tours signs.

We warmly welcome you to come experience this unique place with us!

Stø - June-August

Stø is located in Vesterålen, about 2.5 hour drive from Harstad, Svolvær and Evenes Airport.

From Lofoten: You can either take the ferry from Fiskebøl to Melbu, or drive the E10 and 85 via Gullesfjord. Time-wise these two routes are about the same (excluding waiting time for ferry).

From Evenes Airport, you can either hire a car, or take Flybussen to Sortland, from where you can continue by public transport.

From Nyksund: Sea Safari Øksnes offer a boat shuttle service between Stø and Nyksund.

Andenes - April-September 

Andenes is located in Vesterålen, about 1.5 hour drive from Sortland, 3 hours from Harstad and Svolvær and 3.5 hours from Evenes Airport. Andenes also has an airport, so it is possible to arrive by plane: from Evenes, Bodø, Tromsø, Oslo (Norwegian, Widerøe)  

From Lofoten: by car or by bus (Arctic Route company) 

From Tromsø: driving or by plane or using several ferries or by bus (Arctic Route) 

From Evenes Airport, you can either hire a car, or take Flybussen to Sortland, from where you can continue by public transport (bus). 

From Senja: (Gryllefjord): by ferry (that takes cars and mobile homes onboard). 

Tromsø - November-January

Tromsø is a lively town with great connections by air, land and sea.

Where to stay

Stø - summer

Despite being a small, traditional fishing village, Stø offers a variety of different accommodation types to suit everyone's wants and needs.

Stø Bobilcamp offer full facilities along with a cafe for campers and caravans. Apartment rental is also available.

Gunnartangen Rorbuer offer classy and cosy cabins by the Stø Harbour, only a 2 minute walk from our office.

Myre and Nyksund offer more accommodation options, all within 30 minute drive from Stø.

Andenes - spring/summer 

Andenes offers a variety of different accommodation types to suit everyone's wants and needs. There are few hotels, apartments, cabins, cottages by the sea and a camping site.

For example Hotel Marena, Thon Hotel Andrikken etc. 

Grønnbuene Rorbu Hotel Andenes offers rooms and apartments in the middle of Andenes and close to the sea. 

There are also more accommodation to be found in the nearby village Bleik, located 10km from Andenes. Bleik also has a camping site. Midnattsol Camping offers full facilities along with a bar/cafe for campers and caravans. Cabin rentals are also available.

Tromsø - winter

There is no shortage of places to stay in Tromsø. Check any accommodation website for wide selection for hotels and private accommodation.

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